Hi!! I am Abigail Afolabi (MD), and everyone calls me Abbiee, and I just love it so i am adapting it.

I am passionate about helping others find themselves and believe that they can be whatever and whoever they want to be. I guess that goes to you as well; that is, your world which includes family, friends, co-workers, loved ones and so on, needs a healthy and exciting you doing what you want in the most efficient way.

I love to have fun – depends on what I call fun though…Lol (since I deem relaxation as brilliant for one’s health). My times spent with friends are simply priceless, and especially when they involve trips too. Should you catch me in one of my alone-moments grooving and dancing to music, I guarantee you would not want to sign up for dance practice anywhere.

I hope to bring you evidence-based and timely health information which can help you to maintain a healthy and positive living in all aspects of life (Profession, Social, Relationships, Spiritual, and Academics). As we learn and inspire one another on this journey of healthy living.

The informational content you find on this blog is not intended to substitute the need for your regular visits to the doctor.

Good living is Achievable; Good health is not a fairy-tale. Stay healthy, remain humble, follow your dreams and reach above your imaginations.

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