In celebration of World Hypertension Day which is today (17th may), it is important to educated and increase the awareness of hypertension which is commonly called High Blood Pressure.

What is Hypertension?
Hypertension is a common health problem throughout the world, it leads to various complications (such as heart disease, stroke, Kidney disease, eye disease etc.), As hypertension is a common health problem, it is only natural that many people will have various questions regarding the disease, which is leading cause of death。

In the next few week we will get answers to some of the questions on hypertension and we can share these information with others…….

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Let’s talk about Spring

Spring time is such an exciting time for me because, I live in a city where winter lasts for about 6 months and the temperature gets as low as -38°C. For me, spring is the beginning of a new dawn (super exited haha). I get to stop wearing the thick clothes and heavy, padded shoes. In as much as I love spring, there are certain health issues (allergies, cold) that arise with the change in temperature and spring rains.

Some tips to get a head start in Spring Health!

  • Exercise routine: Take a walk during lunch hour. Walking can benefit your heart and help burn up some calories. Take out time to go smell the roses, you will be surprised how this can relax you.

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