Q&A on Vitamin A

  • What does Vitamin A do?

Keeps the immune system balanced (immune system keeps the body from bacterial and viral diseases).

Promotes normal tissue development like teeth, soft and skeletal tissues.

Plays a role in taste sensation and increasingly in disease prevention and treatment.

  • What is Vitamin A?

Vitamin A is an essential nutrient; which means we need to get it from our diet or supplement because our body cannot produce it.

Plant source: palm oil, carrots, sweet potatoes, dark green, leafy vegetables, cantaloupe, oranges, and papaya

Animal source: dairy products, meat, and fish.


  • Why do people take Vitamin A?

To avoid:

-Dry eyes, night blindness,

-Bone deformities and slow growth,

-Frequent infection,

-Coarse dry skin,

  • When might you have a vitamin A deficiency?

High-fiber diet (wheat, maize, and tubers,).

Stress from work, relationships, studies.

High alcohol consumption.

References: #The Encyclopedia of Nutrition, #Good Health, Handbook of Nutrition and Food, Ross CA, et al, Encyclopedia of Dietary Supplements, 2010

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