Q&A on Vitamin K

What does Vitamin K do?

  • Promotes blood clotting; preventing excessive bleeding.
  • Significance in bone formation.
  • Helps in the formation of urine protein that helps suppress  Kidney stone formation.

What is Vitamin K?

  • Vitamin K is a group of compounds.
  • Found in green leafy vegetables.
  • Dairy products are good sources.
  • Small amounts occur in cereals, meats, and other vegetables.

Why do people take Vitamin K?

  • To avoid risk of uncontrolled bleeding.
  • Neutralize overdose of blood thinning warfarin.

When might you have a Vitamin K deficiency?

  • Consumption of less vegetables (Broccoli, Green beans, kale, cucumber).
  • Drugs (warfarin)that interfere with vitamin K.
  • Severe malnourishment ( insufficient nutrients).
  • Heavy alcohol intake.


References: #The Encyclopedia of Nutrition, #Good Health, Handbook of Nutrition and Food

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